Angel Trauma Solutions providing quality bleeding control, CPR, AED, & First Aid training.

Our Vision

The vision that drives Angel Trauma Solutions is to transform a by-stander (sheep mentality) into an individual that is ready and willing to respond to an emergency if necessary (sheep dog mentality). We achieve this by providing an exceptional training experience to our client's that reinforces practical application of all the necessary skills in order to reinforce muscle memory and addresses the survival mindset. Our goal is to provide this training to the local community, businesses, schools, churches, law enforcement and governmental agencies to help make our communities safer.

Our Story

Angel Trauma Solutions was inspired by one of the many nicknames that Marines so affectionately like to refer to their Corpsman as. Although Corpsman are most often referred to as "Doc", a title that they have earned by sharing blood, sweet, and tears with their Marines, they are also known as "Blood Angels". As a retired Fleet Marine Force Corpsman, I have witnessed everyday people performing self-less acts of heroism in order to save lives.

But it wasn't by sheer chance that they were able to render life-saving aid to those in need. It was their exceptional trauma training (bleeding control, CPR, ect.) that helped to prepare them to respond to worse day of someone's life. This is why I started Angel Trauma Solutions, to help educate and empower our community member's  with exceptional A.L.I.V.E. Active Shooter Survival, bleeding control and CPR AED and first aid training programs so they are better prepared to act when tragedy strikes.

Meet the Team

Our instructors, like our community, all have diverse backgrounds and certifications in the areas that they provide training. Our number one goal is to provide an exceptional training experience for our customers.

Instructor photo

Rick Hampton

Founder & CEO

Rick retired after 21 years of naval service as a Fleet Marine Force Corpsman.  Rick worked in various positions as Corpsman while providing care to the sick and injured.  He has deployed in support of a variety of missions to the Middle East and countries throughout Africa.  Rick has trained thousands of military personnel and civilians in combat lifesaving skills, first aid, CPR, Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) and Advanced Cardiac Life Support.  He is passionate about empowering others to save lives.

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