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The name Angel Trauma Solutions has an interesting story. The Marine Corps has a tradition of calling its medical personnel (Navy Corpsmen) “Doc.” But Doc is also affectionately known as a Blood Angel because when a U.S. Marine or Sailor is wounded in combat, his odds of getting to a doctor are close to nothing. But his chances of staying alive are superb due to the Doc. Inspired by the dedication and service our founder Rick Hampton experienced first-hand throughout his more than 21-years of military service, he wanted to transfer the elite skills of emergency response and life-saving medical treatments to our community members. That has been the core mission at Angel Trauma Solutions, and what’s led to our success.

Our Vision Keeps Us Going

The by-stander effect is a psychological phenomenon where in crisis, someone stands by instead of taking action to help a person in need. Fueled by feelings of powerlessness and fear, our goal at Angel Trauma Solutions is to give individuals the skills they need to fight this. Our work transforms mindsets and empowers individuals to be ready and willing when emergency strikes. To keep our community as safe as possible, we highly encourage individuals, businesses, schools, and other local organizations to take part in training.

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Rick Hampton

For 21 years, Rick Hampton was enlisted in naval service as a Fleet Marine Force Corpsman. Traveling to the Middle East and Africa for a variety of missions, Rick learned the value of duty, bravery, and dedication. During and after his service, Rick trained thousands of his fellow military personnel, as well has civilians, in lifesaving techniques that increase survival and minimize tragedy. After years of serving our country, Rick was passionate about finding a way to serve our community. Starting Angel Trauma Solutions was what he settled on. For the years we’ve been in business, our courses have spread these valuable skills to the members of our community—making it safer for all.

“Rick is a very good instructor. Good pace & good interaction. I'd take more classes with him.”

—Kelvin P.

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