Answers to Your Common Questions

Do you offer refunds?

It depends on your particular request. In most cases, Angel Trauma Solutions will not issue a refund. We may carry credit forward, if a student cancels their participation. However, if Angel Trauma Solutions cancels a class, we will offer you a refund. Refunds would not include processing fees or pre-paid material costs such as e-learning modules and toolkits.

Is Angel Trauma Solutions’ training right for my business or organization?

While we can’t give you a definite yes or no without a one-on-one consultation, what we can say, is our training is right for almost anyone. Regardless of your personal life or the industry your business is in, emergency doesn’t discriminate. If you interact with other people on a daily business, or your business or organization is open to the general public, our training is right for you.

Are these courses appropriate for children?

Yes. Children are just as capable of learning vital emergency and first aid training as adults. However, children will need to be accompanied or assisted by an adult. Our approach to training children is adapting our techniques to better align with their physical and emotional capabilities, while still leaning proper ways to respond to emergency situations.

Will I be certified after my class?

Yes. If your course includes certification, you will be certified upon successful completion of your course.

How long does each course take and how much do they cost?

It depends on the course. While some are free and can be completed in a few hours, others include a fee and take longer periods of time. To see the specifics of each certification, including duration and cost, visit our services page here.

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